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Default Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Complete Edition

Sonic 3 Complete is a hack, but no ordinary, crappy hack. Sonic 3 Complete fixes nearly every major issue that Sonic 3 & Knuckles had, and feels much more finished and polished up, thus making Sonic 3 & Knuckles look like a rushed hackjob.

Here's the entire list of changes and fixer-uppers in Sonic 3 Complete over Sonic 3 & Knuckles:

Sonic 3-ification
  • Tracks for title screen, invincibility, Knuckles' theme, miniboss, 1UP, Sonic 3 ending, continue/race results, and data select are the Sonic 3 versions.
  • Various music cues are flipped around to work with this:
    • Marble Garden 2 boss for Knuckles plays the standard zone boss theme.
    • Flying Battery 2 sub-boss plays the Sonic & Knuckles miniboss theme.
    • Hidden Palace plays Sonic 3 miniboss for Knuckles fight, Sonic & Knuckles miniboss for Emerald theft.
    • Sonic 3 credits plays during the ending before the main credits begin (replacing Sky Sanctuary)
    • The Blue Sphere difficulty screen now plays the Gumball Bonus music.
  • Many of the Sonic 3 levels use their original Sonic 3 object layouts, most notably Hydrocity 2 and Launch Base.
    • Knuckles' routes in these layouts were incomplete, but additions have been made to allow them to be played through.
  • Sonic 1-3-style monitor behaviour - jumping under the base of a monitor will make it fall.
  • Music no longer fades out before the Got Through screen
  • Act music no longer resumes after the Got Through screen before a zone transition.
  • Credits music has been replaced with the Sonic 3C 0517 version.
  • Sonic/Tails have their final Launch Base 2 boss restored, with its Sonic 3 sweeping behaviour.
    • The ability to hit characters out of their super form has not been reintroduced.
    • In a Sonic and Tails game, Tails does not appear for the final Launch Base bosses. Player 2 can press a button to make him appear.
    • Knuckles' version is unaffected.
  • The Special Stage results screen for Chaos Emerald stages is now styled much more like the version from Sonic 3 alone.
  • The Continue screen uses title card-style text as it did in Sonic 3, rather than end credits-style text as it did in Sonic & Knuckles.
  • Flying Battery shows up with its unused Sonic 3 icon in Data Select.
  • Mushroom Hill is now named Mushroom Valley, as it was in the Sonic 3 level select screen.
  • All references to "& Knuckles" removed, title screen positioning realigned to original setup. Zone title cards restored to Sonic 3's style.
  • The logo in the all-super emeralds ending now drops in from the top of the screen as in the Sonic 3 credits
  • The egg prison at the end of Hydrocity is now correctly centred for Sonic and Tails. (Sonic 3 & Knuckles regression)
  • Tails alone no longer has extra tails in the Launch Base Zone 2 ending cutscene. (Sonic 3 & Knuckles regression)
  • Tails' tails no longer disappear while he is jumping after the credits
  • 2P Tails is less prone to suicide before the final battles of LBZ.
  • Knuckles appears in the same colours throughout the game, both in cutscenes and as a playable character.>
  • Fixed Knuckles being unable to jump off underwater objects
  • The correct music will resume after a drown timer while fighting the Hydrocity bosses.
  • The boss music gives way to the act music at the end of Sandopolis 1 and Lava Reef 2.
  • The correct music will always resume when coming back from a special stage or bonus stage (Angel Island Zone 1, IceCap Zone 1).
  • Workaround added to Mushroom Valley 2 and Sandopolis 2 bosses to prevent Knuckles from sometimes seeing Robotnik.
  • Knuckles now fights EggRobo in Flying Battery 2.
  • You will no longer lose barriers if hit from the blue spinning platforms in Marble Garden.
  • SONIC text is no longer backwards when the Tornado flies left during the ending.
  • Sonic's exit from Lava Reef to Hidden Palace is now blue rather than red.
  • The music tempo glitch at the beginning of Doomsday has been removed.
  • Collecting extra lives will not increase the counter past 99.
  • Fixed possible Marble Garden 2 boss corruption after killing a Spiker with hyper dash.
  • The normal super transformation sound effect is now used in Doomsday.
  • Fixed HUD shadow colour in burnt area of Angel Island.
  • Fixed spring artwork occasionally not being loaded for the Gumball Bonus Stage.
  • Knuckles no longer shifts forward a pixel when looking up.
  • The underwater character palette now reverts properly when Tails or Knuckles lose their super form.
  • It is no longer possible to gain additional lives for having 100 and 200 rings in the Lava Reef boss area if those lives were already earned earlier in act 2.
  • The Lava Reef and Death Egg boss areas will remember their starting timer if you die and restart (unless you die from a time over)
  • Robotnik's bald shine on the save screen is no longer red.
  • Stopped running animation being displayed in place of victory or super transform animation when in front of a solid object
  • The Launch Base music now only restarts once after Knuckles defeats the Act 1 boss.
  • Knuckles is no longer blocked from his normal Carnival Night exit when arriving from above
  • Drowning timer resets when turning hyper, along with music if necessary
  • The slot machine bonus stage now awards a continue through rings collected in the slot machine as well as around the sides.
  • Knuckles no longer turns into Sonic at the end of the slot machine bonus stage.
  • Various double jump fixes for Sonic, mostly involving unintentionally going into a slow bubble bounce by double jumping right before a bubble shield activated.
  • Fixed bug where a time over would not restart the starpost timer after continuing from a game over.
  • Fixed final Launch Base boss code to release Sonic from the arm after the boss is defeated - this was firing in the wrong situation, making Sonic always drop to standing after clearing the boss, but leaving him stuck if Tails killed the boss while Sonic was held.
  • Fixed occasional misalignment of continue screen
  • Fixed object and ring layout oddities in various zones, including the infamous double ring in AIZ1 and the improperly retracting spikes in CNZ2.
  • Fixed wrong tiles on Continue screen if you hit Game Over with Super/Hyper Sonic
  • Fire sprites no longer appear underwater in Angel Island
  • It is no longer possible to repeatedly double-jump in the Hydrocity fan tubes
  • Incorrect grabber arm sprite on DEZ final boss fixed - now uses the latched rather than open variant.
  • Fixed jittering screen lock after Marble Garden 1 miniboss
  • Workaround added to avoid occasional loss of music track change if requested during the 1up sting.
  • Added MoDule's bugfixes for jumping out of shallow water, roll jump hitbox and Tails' camera height
  • Added flamewing's bugfix for transforming as the timer runs out
  • Fixed Knuckles' socks and pink palette in continue icon in Super Emerald special stage results
  • Fixed wrong colours on Super Emerald 6 (the leftmost one) as Sonic or Tails in Special Stage results
  • Debug: Hyper Knuckles can now wall smash when turned hyper by a monitor.
  • Debug: Tails' ring counter now falls in Doomsday.
  • Debug: Characters other than Sonic appear correctly in Doomsday.
  • Debug: Knuckles exits Doomsday to the title screen instead of a broken Sonic ending.
  • Debug: Going into debug when dead now restarts object processing.
  • Debug: The debug cursor now respects screen locking.
  • Knuckles' introductory cutscene now plays in Angel Island rather than Sonic & Knuckles' first zone, and feeds directly into the level rather than fading out and restarting.
  • Tails now has an introduction sequence.
  • Tails now has his own colours in the results screens.
  • Knuckles has improved and more consistent underwater colours.
  • The Mushroom Valley demo sequence now plays as one of the Sonic 3 demos.
  • Sonic's Angel Island intro can now be skipped using the Start button (only until Knuckles interjects).
  • For Super/Hyper forms to be invoked, you must press any button to jump, followed by a different button to double-jump.
    • To transform with debug mode enabled, you need to double-jump by pressing B while C is held down.
    • This allows Tails/Knuckles to play without powering up after having all emeralds.
    • Sonic can now transform even if he has a barrier.
    • Using the super transformation move while already transformed will allow you to turn back to normal.
  • While in super or hyper form, sped-up level music plays instead of invincibility music.
  • Super music changes now consistently have no effect during bosses.
  • Speed shoes monitors now have no effect when collected in super or hyper form.
  • You now need to collect 50 rings within the slot machine bonus stage itself to get a continue.
    • Rings lost within the bonus stage will not take away from your collection total for the continue.
    • You can now do this in every slot machine bonus stage. Originally, you needed to wait until a new act or lose your rings in the main level.
  • Added a HUD element to the Slot Machine bonus stage to show progress towards a continue.
  • Added an extra cutscene after Launch Base, showing the Death Egg crashing, based on the Sonic & Knuckles title screen.
  • After Hidden Palace, Knuckles is replaced by Robotnik on Sonic's continue screen
  • Minor alterations to the Icecap intro to maintain day-night cycle consistency.
  • The screen now pulls up after Carnival Night 1's miniboss, to make the signpost easier to control.
  • The existing Sonic 3 & Knuckles cheats work, plus:
    • B+Start on 1 Player on the Sonic 3 title screen takes you to Sonic & Knuckles, with all the same changes, including music.
      • Restrictions on zone and character selection from the level select in Sonic & Knuckles are removed if debug is enabled.
    • B+Start on the Sonic & Knuckles title screen takes you to back to Sonic 3.
    • C+Start on 1 Player on the Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles title screen takes you to Blue Sphere
      • Tails has been added as a playable character in Blue Sphere.
      • While playing a special stage through Blue Sphere, pressing B while paused will return to the Blue Sphere select screen.
      • Pressing B on the Blue Sphere menu screen will now return to the title screen. Your progress will be retained until you reset or turn off the game.
    • RLLLR on Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles title screen menu switches region graphics (Tails/Miles, TM signs)
    • LLRRLLLL on Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles title screen menu enables level select.
    • 01 03 05 07 on sound test enables debug
    • 02 04 05 06 on sound test gives all Chaos Emeralds
      • This will not reset the status of anything done with Hidden Palace Zone/Super Emeralds
    • 12 14 15 16 on sound test gives all super emeralds
    • When paused and level select is enabled, the A button now exits to different places:
      • 1P level/Special Stage: level select
      • Grand Prix: GP results
      • Match Race: Match Race setup
      • Time Attack: Time Attack setup
  • "DEATHEGG" and "THE DOOMSDAY" changed to the more sensible "DEATH EGG" and "DOOMSDAY" in level select.
  • Level Select now has the Data Select background, replacing the Sonic 2 SONIC/MILES pattern.
    • In Sonic & Knuckles mode, the Blue Sphere background is used instead.
  • Added entries to Level Select for the Gumball Bonus Stage and the Hidden Palace Special Stage entryway.
  • Level Select has been rearranged to better reflect the actual zone arrangement.
  • New level select and data select font, designed to be similar in style to the title card font.
    • This rectifies text spacing issues when displaying the final zones in data select.
  • Sound effect F3 will now speed up music as if speed shoes were active when used in the level select.
    • F4 returns to normal speed, as does starting another track.
I can't provide a download link to the game here, it being a ROM hack and all, but I'm sure you can find it via Google...
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