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One of the maps had a special item that you couldn't get because it was behind an obstacle. The item was already present, just behind something. I basically just removed that obstacle (these maps are static maps so there's no way to remove obstacles through in-game play). I think there was a bug that the game creator (Paul Neurath) probably didn't count on impeding getting that item, since you don't even know that the item exists when the obstacle is there, so it wasn't a "figure out how to get this item" thing.

I basically just changed the maps data file (a one-byte change) so that the obstacle doesn't impede your path. The maps image files (pictures of each map) that I uploaded include this change.

You can get the item by other means (by doing an unrelated quest), but I figured the item should also be acquirable this way, since quite a few items can be gotten by multiple ways, while there was only one other way to get this item.
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