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Default Vanshilar -- Space Rogue

This is one of the earliest games that I played that I really explored a lot of nooks and crannies about. It came out in 1989 and was by Origin Systems' Paul Neurath. You are basically a space pilot who (eventually) prevent an impending war between us and bugs. How you go about making a living (trading, pirating, bounty hunting) is up to you, there's no pre-selected roles that you have to choose. The game is part real-time first-person space combat, and part overhead adventure/RPG where you walk around and talk to people, although the plot advances purely via the latter part (so that's the part that you're more involved with later on in the game).

The game is pretty open in the sense that it doesn't force you to proceed at any certain pace, so you're free to explore and build up your character and stuff. There's only 9 star systems total so it's not a "thousands of star systems to explore" type game, rather later on it's more about figuring how to advance the plot, like an RPG.

I have the original files for Space Rogue (although the one that's floating around that has copy protection disabled is probably more desirable, I have that too). I also have maps (i.e. compiled from screenshots), and lots of weird tips/cheats like to how play as a Wasp (far better accel etc. than the SunRacer you get), and have it pretty much memorized (still, I hope, it's been many years) so I can write a walkthrough of the game.

Would people be interested in a walkthrough of the game?
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