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Lightbulb Thank you Jesus Christ!

Well I'll tell you 1 miracle that I witnessed personally. One day while I was living my life I prayed normally like I normally do. I usually find a convenience quiet time during the day when no one is around and I prayed. I would pray casually. Since my grandma is Catholic I pray a Catholic prayer. I usually don't see anything special occur in my life. However this time I prayed for my soulmate. I said she has to be my exact age female and Vietnamese that is faithful to me like I am to her. Months later I got my hair cut at a hair salon and met someone who is pretty. However I didn't know she was my age until I talked to her much later. The reason I call this a miracle is because she is 20 days apart from me. She is younger by 20 days.

Altogether I have 3 miracles in my life! That was the 2nd miracle. The first miracle was when my parents were arguing. I fell asleep praying to God that they would separate instead of arguing all the time. It didn't happen right away however 10 years later they separated. So this lesson taught me to be patient for your prayers to work out. In the mean time just put up with the situation no matter how hard it may seem and how hopeless it is.

The last miracle is that I will die at 100 years old. This miracle has yet to be seen and proven.
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