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Originally Posted by surge View Post
a) is not a problem, obviously. I'm not sure about the 195 page manual. I don't have a scanner, but maybe there's a PDF copy on one of the disks somewhere. I can easily check if it matters...
Well, for the start, it's not obligatory (even if desired . And anyway, in the very worst case, there is always the HOTU manual that seems like quite a faithful scan (but without decorations and pictures - are they here?).
Actually, I'm a little confused about this thread anyway - abandonia is supposedly for DOS games, but Terminus is a multiplatform windows/mac/linux game. Did posters not know this and it is a problem?
Abandonia is for _old_ games. It was mostly DOS in early 2000s, just because there wasn't anything else. While time passes, 2000s game become old enough too.
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