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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
Two problems, actually, surge. You need to have a) the game and b) the review+screenshots to make entry on site. Theoretically speaking, it's possible to put game only, without review... but in practice even games with review not always appears. But without game nothing will start at all, yes.
a) is not a problem, obviously. I'm not sure about the 195 page manual. I don't have a scanner, but maybe there's a PDF copy on one of the disks somewhere. I can easily check if it matters...

as for b) Well, if that happens, you know where to find me.
If my 1 sentence review will do: "It's a 1990s version of EVE online.", and screenshots should still be floating around somewhere, although I can be convinced to take a couple if you really need (I just got it working recently, which is why I found this thread).

Actually, I'm a little confused about this thread anyway - abandonia is supposedly for DOS games, but Terminus is a multiplatform windows/mac/linux game. Did posters not know this and it is a problem?

All that said, I'd hate to see it lost to time forever. It is one of the few space games that doesn't dumb space travel down to levels that insult my intelligence. Sadly, that's probably why it didn't sell that well either

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