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Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
Alright, the site could have been looking better, but it's promised to improve anyway.

The first thing I don't like are the new forced options in the account - the necessity to select the first and last name, and your living place options. Why is it necessary? I don't want to provide my information, and besides it isn't even visible in the member's details for anyone else (unless it's visible under the avatar in the posts). What is that good for? Admin spying at members, maybe?
Its for the "Whereabouts" filter on the member page ( so that people can find and contact other members in their own country... thought it might be handy

Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
The second thing is the reduced size of the avatar picture - 85x85. I liked the 100x100 size before, and if it's not allowed to upload the picture of larger size than 85x85 to the site because of space reasons or something, I think at least it should be allowed to use higher dimension pictures if they're uploaded somewhere else.
Ah, haven't noticed this... I will return it back to good old 100x100

Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
One thing more. Wendymaree wanted to reset her password to login, but since the e-mail she was registered to changed since then she couldn't have the link for the single login being sent. The thing is, you also can't change your e-mail adress without the need to login first, so there's this devil's circle. I would like to contact someone who can change her e-mail adress to another one, but since the admin team seems to have been shrinked I don't know whom to contact. Any suggestions?
I made a post about that in the sticky... just use the site contact form and send me all your details... I'll do it manually
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