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Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
The emulation speed of DOSBox depends on your CPU. 10k emulated cycles on one CPU does not necessarily run at the same speed on some other CPU.
I believe, you are wrong, zirkoni. DOSBox was made with _set_ speed in mind, so 10K cycles of one CPU equal to 10K cycles on any other.

Obvious restriction is too old processor and too many cycles. If your machine physically capable to pull out 10 000 cycles in Heretic, and you are trying to set 20 000, it still will be effective 10 000, only laggy as hell, as overloaded processor will _try_ to get more than it can and failsafe back now and again.

But it's easy to check with any resource monitor (Task Manager - for Windows). If DOSBox taken 90%+ of CPU - you got it too much.

Pee wee, easy universal solution is to get eXoDOS - or at least part of eXoDOS related to your games. It have all settings in "working" range. I can check settings at home, as downloading 18Gb of needed files is not very smart move at my work.

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