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~Dreaming of Halloween when Light and Darkness Collide~

II. Revelation

The reason to all this is revelation
Another thing is generation
As we approach the end
There is one thing we depend.

Allison knew the only way
Is to end the chronicle phase
Start another prediction of terror
and the violent age of Zanoriza.

In the Witchbell where everyone stands between
The bells ring on before Halloween
People notice the age of violence is coming
and they remembered, what their own is up to something.

Will there is no reason about this, they knew
but it is lacked on to a chosen few
Crying before Halloween, dying before the war
The light and darkness is rebelling too far.

III. Crying

Another is to be forgotten of time
There is such anther mess to be cleaned
The days of madness have started to begun
outside the revelation that I want to run.

Eriza Mayun, forgotten by lost world to its knees
All is forgotten, but there is such memory of the rays
Maris wants to know me but all is lost
The memory of Zero is coming.....

Now the revelation has created a new day...
Crying in the darkness before the lay
The Memory has broken on its core
Now we all remember why ii is for....

IV. Memories of Zero...

After all we memory, there's only the way
Another day before the dawn,we all end this rage
now its our own hearts to make chance long gone
Crying before the day of redemption has begun

I believe the light has defeated the darkness....
And cross over the sadness
Another way is going to be seen.

Now its over, when the fate of the world HAS CHANGED!!!
Crying on the day of redemption has faced all rememory
Memory will die in our hearts....
The final memory has launched for afar....

10.31 The final memory is about to begin.
The Shinin' Heart Ends in Worst Way

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