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Let's start this today:

M10, the three elemental temple area:
- as soon as you arrive you get the chance to produce Battery 03. As always battery enhances the life of your weapons.
- part 1 of a new alien weapon (handle)


Here comes the three temple which order is theoretically independent. I can not confirm that for now, especially after the Temple of Air, but read bellow:

Temple of Air:
- nuclear disruptor: it has high velocity, but on Hard it isn't THAT useful. While it can help you blast through bigger crowds it no longer (unlike on lower difficulties) oneshots the big meanies, what is a definite drawback with its much higher energy-consumption.
- 1 part of new alien weapon (gun tube)
- the trouble what I faced here is when you are out of the temple itself out in the jungle again you can find the Secret Cave of Despair. Here an extra part is unlocked if you have a Moon Key when you enter the cave. The problem is there is no extra Moon Key I could find, thus this means a potentially gamebreaking design.


Temple of Fire:
- full auto gun: an even faster version then the semi auto weapon. Good against crowds, or fast shooting opponents.
- 1 part of the new alien weapon (that part what hits the bullet. firing pin?)
- just to mention in the last section of the temple (where you meet the korbo) there are two places which says you'd need come cross-shaped keys. You can find none though, and I don't see any function for those thingies even if you'd have the items to activate them. Also right at the entrance I see no reason for the restricted platform appart from plain nuisance.
- again for curiosity-sake: at the very enterance there is a computer-treminal what looks like a summoning pod control board on a pedestal. It has no function, and the red portal never gets activated. It can however be destroyed if you lay a Proximity Mine besides it.


Temple of Water:
- 1 part from the alien weapon (the backpart. It is found technically at the Water Temple Areas, but before actually entering the structure)
- 1 part from the alien weapon (scope)
- companion drone (much more advanced then the auto turret. It hovers around you, has actually some armor, and fires bullets rapidly. Don't use them too much though as they cost resource to produce)


M14: missile launcher. As soon as you're offered go backwards to find a teleporting crystal and get it, at least on hard. It is immensely powerful, and the projectile won't bounce around finaly. It uses ammo.

When fighting here Azah-Pan it should evidently be an option to run in, push the lever, then shoot the console to disable his teleport pad, but that is not so. Just dispose this metal demon, and the remaining army won't even hurt you further this time.


M15, Jailbreak: many people had trouble here though what should be done should be evident: stay behind the robots. You can even rescue a korbo here if your are feast, and kill the executioner when it comes back (this does not activate the turrets nor the teleport pads).
Here the game starts to be really hard with all the big flying robots, the granade-throwers (they throw granades out of screen) and the missile robots...
Here is an area called "secret" too in the Snow Brothers area, behind the fence what gets deactivated temporarily for spider bots. And here comes a bug: this can fail. The spider bots don't get out 'cause the fence never gets lowered sometimes. If this happen you lost your chance getting into this area.
More serious problem is, when there are items under little dome-containers what can not be shooted open, instead they have certain conditions to open. If the condition is destroying robots instead turning a valve you might get not able to reach the items, what is gamebreaking. This is solved retrying the puzzle from a save (on hard diff save is a must anyway).

here thing start to bend to this rule: do not leave any area until you discovered EVERYTHING in it. Like in the map where you are not allowed to use guns (to avoid unnecessary confrontation) when going backward you should hide behind the wall you're told going backward too (not at all obvious)!
Also at a point using 1 mine is "suggested" (I don't think the puzzle can be solved otherwise, and it is efficient to blow up with it the console + the robot + the item-box)

- shield 03 (gives 350 shield point maximum), what is almost hard to keep filled)
- trispread gun (not look really awesome as it fires 3 bullets spreaded. But it has really high velocity and eats very low energy)

NOTE: from plasma thrower you can have 12 canisters maximum. Not that you'd want that, as at this point it is kinda weak.
From the autogun and the drone you can have 3 each. As you should start to have more ore then you can spend (well, at least if you find your amo on field) you should make these just in case.

- there is a semi-secret area (it is secret as it can be found by blowing up a container, but not called "secret", but Money and Mayhem), good to try out the trispread gun
- alien electrical weapon enchanced (this is a quest item. If you remember M/'s alien gun, it is that returned. Has low velocity, but autohits in multiply direction, so evidently the crowd-handling weapon from now)

- There was an imprisoned corbo whose fence's other side we had to reach (using valves to course overpressure in tubes or something). This can be reached in this part.

- Psychic Wave Glove: it is a BAD weapon. It shoots a large chunk of energy causing area damage what spreads for like 2 seconds. Amusing against hugh crowds, but eats way too much energy, and most of the time a suicidal weapon due to its "spreading" effect, what is even armorpiercing.
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