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Default some western I don't know the name of

I'm looking for a western(-like) PC game (altough I may be mistaken by the genre), which I played a bit several years ago. If this 'request' is not in the right place, I will be happy to be informed

If I still remember it correctly, you start the game alone, in some kind of 1st person view. You could travel to different places; when going from one to another the view changed to a 'map view' where a new 'path' would be drawn whilst playing some music.

After arriving in a certain place, you could look around (a bit like standing in the middle of a panorama) and then certain things could be picked up or so. You also had an inventory in which at least a rifle and a knife were available.

Not in particular order:
If I'm correct (again ) one of the first places to come was at some lake where you could shoot ducks.
At another place a man stood with his canoe next to a river; he would sell it to you (for a bear skin?) but you could also shoot him, and then take his canoe.
A third place put you in a dark forest, surrounded by a pack of wolves which would appear during time - there you had to keep turning around, shooting at any 'eyes' that would appear until all wolves were killed.
A fourth place put you all of a sudden face-to-face with a bear. If you tried to shoot him, he would kick the gun out of your hands and kill you next. A friend of mine told me there was a certain way you could kill this bear with your knife, but I never 'solved' this problem.

Any help is appreciated!

Befor I forget: the graphics were quite good, so presumably the game is post-1994

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