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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
I am not sure if you remember me, but I used to come here at the Forums. I have been absent here in the Forums since 2010 or 2011.

I still remember Paco (anime avatar ), Japo (when he was still Supermod ) and Capo because of his smiling female avatar.

As for Costa , I still remember him when he proposed to sell the site to Studentis.

Oh, did you know that Costa means back in Portuguese?

So, with everything I read what you wrote, my conclusions:

Capo is the Game Master and Speed Racer (1000 Miglia);

Japo is the Final Boss and Grand Master;

Paco is the Dungeon Master;

And Costa is the greatest Pillar of Abandonia, because he has to have strong backs to bear his responsibilities!

Whoops. Where did I hit my head?

I really hope the legendary Miss Lulu_Jane Marple correct me if I read wrong, misunderstood or I am completely mistaken in my conclusions... Or if I hit my head too hard...

You have nice head.
Clever and strong.
Mine is not strong nor clever because
it does not remember Your Majesty.
Forgive me.

Pls my sincere excuses because You know all
above mentioned persons namely: Paco, Costa, Japo and Capo.
BTW You are old fox here!
Conc. Capo avatar there is a harmony between You and me.
His avatar is the best!

If You do not mind i want to mention
3 more valuable persons, who i deeply respect.
There are Game Wizards also: (As You are).

And last but not least:
- Who is Alice?

Do not make personal remarks - said Alice.
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