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Yup was just about to say the same thing. OpenTTD is really awesome. The guys behind that have made new airports, canals, and god knows what else. I haven't checked that in over a year. But it was amazing even then. And the game is clean, not buggy and runs so well. I love TT, TTD and openTTD. Each one slightly differently though. The best thing about TT was the size of the cities. God. They got big. Fast. In the editor I could easily make a city with 30000 people whereas the same thing took ages in TTD. But, I guess gameplay improved in TTD. The AI was quit retarded and easy enough too handle or block. But the best part about TTD was the rail system. I mean buses, planes and ships all help as an additional source of income, but the game is about trains. And the other modes of transport should only really help fund your rail system. I guess what I liked most about TTD was the ability to create elaborate and open ended rail systems that could easily be changed (if only you could build while paused!) and then remember TTD patch with the pre-signals anyone? Woah that was some cool stuff. But TTD patch completely fell into near-oblivion once openTTD could do everything TTDpatch could plus more. I mean they re-wrote the game! I would probably rank TTD as among the top 5 games I've ever played, simply because of an AWESOME scenario editor (you can play a game to a point and save it as a scenario) and of course amazing replay value. I can play that game today, so many years after I first got it!
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