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I'm sorry about that. I get tired of explaining the same thing over and over so I lost my patience. So here is the general explaination that should work for all zip folders.

If you have a zip folder that is named then when you unzip there is a folder called gamez however sometimes that is not the main folder. Just navigate inside to see if there are any files or if it is another folder. If it is another folder then just keep navigating until you find the main folder.

For instance the main folder will contain all sorts of programs and files. So that is how you know it is the main folder.

Copy that main folder in this case it might be called SimCity to the C:\ drive.

Then download DOSBox.exe; you can google DOSBox.exe for their main website. If you have a Mac they have DOSBox.exe for Mac too and other computer types.

Once you download DOSBox 0.74 just install it.

Then double click on DOSBox to start it.

Now type:

mount c c:\SimCity (this is the main folder with the files and programs)

Now after those two lines you need to find what files work.

Files that work are usually ending in exe bat or com

To find these files type:

dir *.exe/w/p


dir *.bat/w/p


dir *.com/w/p

Now try to search for something that says SimCity or install or runme and just type that filename in. If it does not work then just keep trying the other files.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to check in.

Thank you for visiting Abandonia!
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