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Heh if anyone has ever seen or even heard of this game, feel free to respond.

Good to know someone is listening, If I can think of any more abandonware type games I will post those too.


Ahh yes, hand't noticed the edit button

Found a review of the game, if you wanna see a little more of what I was talkin about, check this,1778/

(ok, so it was a pistol with a scope not a shotgun on the front of the box)

Here, someone says the have the origional with all floppys mint condition for sale, but 50 bucks though (bottom of list)

Also, probably not that helpfull but here is a badly formed site I found searching for terminator, probably doesnt have the one I was lookin for, but I cant really tell yet... Anyways it has alot of games

(if anyone botheres to look, they might have some games not dowloadable here that should be, its not the kinda site you keep track of...)
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