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Thumbs up Terminator [Bethesda]

I Just recently found this site, and wish i hadnt thrown this box away, even though the disks were so old they probably werent playable.

The game was called Terminator, based on the origional movie, came in its own box and the picture on the front was the same terminator with a shotgun that was the standard movie poster. The game was 3-6 disks old big real (3.5" i think it was) floppy disks, there was a manuel (that you badly needed, most of the keyboard letters were some obscure command you need to know but probably couldn't guess), there was fairly large map of the city, and another big red sheet with crazy alien looking letters printed in black all across it(didnt look photocopyable), im pretty sure that was needed for a keycode to get past a certian part of the game, or to get it started cant remember, never really got to play it myself.

The gameplay was awsome for the time though, you started out either as the terminator or the other guy (reece?) in random parts of the city, and sara connor was somewhere in the city too, and your goal for both was to find her.

You walked around in first person, or stole a car that would either be automatic or manuel (gool luck if so) and have some random amount of fuel in the tank that you couldnt refill, just ditch if you ran out. Terminator has some special abilities such as zoom with eyesight, and could take alot more punishment than reece could, and all he had to do was find sara and kill her. Reece could find her easier (i dont remember how, if it was totally random or whatever) and had to protect her, he could give her commands to stay or follow or hold whatever he needed her too.

You could break into stores and rob the register or buy stuff, sporting good stores had clothes (remember they both arrived naked) and guns (I can remember seeing something like 2 pistols, 2-4 automatic submachine gun types, and 2or3 rifles) and ammo you could steal or buy, and there was also the stinger rocket launcher if you could break into military base. Cops would show up if you stole too much or hung too long afterwards, or if you were seen brandishing a weapon in public.

The game was pretty hard, the cops were no joke, reece was hard to kill, not showing himself untill after he was shooting at you usually, sara would run if confronted, and the terminator was an unstoppable juggernaut reece would either need to rocketlauncher and a prayer, or several encounters too stop.

In other words it was an awsome game i never got to play, my dad built his first computer with a whopping 1mb of ram (he was proud too, he built it with an entire extra circuit board about as big as a motherboard with chips sauldered (sp?) on to get that much, everyone knew nobody would ever need that much but he did it just to have extra *cough*) and of course, when that game came out(91 i think), his computer could run it but badly, so he didnt play it much, and wouldnt let me play it because i was really young, and the next computer we got, that game was forgotton, because it was too old to run anyways... yea you get the idea.

Anyways, if anyone can come up with that game it would be awsome, ive wanted to play it since i was like 6, i read the instruction booklet and looked at the pictures many times and seen it played a few times (my dad would get killed by cops, i think twice he saw reece got blasted and never found him again, he got tired of it quickly, with its sub par preformance on his computer)

Wish i had known about dosbox when i threw the box away :crazy:


Rant over PLEASE find this game for me k:
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