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Ok I really am going to the dark part of my brain that has been undisturbed in a long time for time one.

The game was based on the orginal Terminator, you could be the Terminator or Reese, It was like 8 or 16 colours and sort of 3D and you could go about the city all you wanted. The first thing you had to do (obviously) was find Sarah Conner.

Its sooooo hard for me to remember details but heres what I can muster up:
If the terminator went into a Hospital for healing the xrays showed the obvious and the cops were called, he couldnt swim either.

You could break into a weapon shop and steal rocket launchers and stuff like that and you could steal cars and drive them about. This is really goin back a long time for me and I would love to try the game again.

Does anyone know what game I'm on about? So hard for me to remember anything more
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