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Arrow Star Trek: The Next Generation Memories

A bit off topic for a gaming forum, but it is "Bla Bla".

Share any special memories you have of watching ST:TNG Here.

Here's Mine:

I happen to own a :massive: ST:TNG VHS Tape collection.
Well, I like to think of it as massive, but it is by no means complete.
Anyway, I remember a long time ago, I would watch ST:TNG episodes from my VHS tapes. Sometimes I would watch them with my Dad, and occasionally, I would do something weird. I would alter the title, opening "Speech" (To Boldly Go), and the Opening Credits to something else, and it would come out rediculous.

For Instance, On occasion, I would alter it to "Chewing", as in, Animals chewing on shoes and such.

Suddenly, the title became "Chew Trek: The Next Cheweration"
and the opening speech became
"Space. The Final Chewtier. These are the chewings, of the chew-ship chewerprise. It's Continuing mission, to explore new shoes. To Chew on new forks, and lick new toes. To boldly Chew Shoes never Chewed before."

And The Credits:
Patrick Chewart
Chewathen Frakes
LeVar Chewton
Cheweal Dorn
Marina Chewtis
Brent Chewner
Gates Mcchewden

After this, at any point throughout the episode, something might get converted to Chew standards. E.G.:

"Make it Chew."
"Chew. Earl Chew. Chewed."
And such.

I also remember buying ST:TNG videotapes for $1.00 a piece @ Half Price Books.

Alright, now you. Any ST series is okay.

Oh, and lastly:

Oh come on, I couldn't get off of this without doing that, could I?!
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