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Originally Posted by LaughingSnowman View Post
Congratulation on being here for that long. I've been around a minute but never signed up to the forums.

I remember around 2006-2010 abandonware was a huge thing. Now all I can do is look at the bottom of this forum and I become sad when I read "Members: 826,401, Active Members: 1,330". I guess Steam/GOG/Social Media has really killed a lot of the forums and sites off .
Thanks mate! I really wasn't active always. In fact, if you look at my post history, there's like a 5-year hiatus when I went to university. (duh)

It's not so much I didn't have Internet in college, I didn't spend time browsing it and coming here.

Also, the members count is quite misleading because our captcha doesn't work well, so we used to swipe out bots by the dozens. But yeah, GOG really didn't help the abandonware economy all that much. I can't help but think what Abandonia would be today if we thought about selling games before GOG did.

But! There's always a but. GOG pretty much stands on the volunteers shoulders and I'll be damned if half of their games are not from Home of the Underdogs or Abandonia. They just frontend them with their launcher but they found all of the tech advice and best practices on forums like this. We are a goldmine really.

Anyway thanks for posting here and making an account. Please do enjoy your stay and be welcome to our close-knit community of oldtimers, weirdos, and spambots.

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