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Default 64 Bit windows is the problem

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A little research lead me to believe that Windows 7 run 2 distinct registry. One for 32 bit programs and one for 64 bits programs.

It might be that the auto-updating registry file is not updating the right registry (in this case it would be updating the 64 bits registry), leading to the same initial problem as the OS is unable to find the required marks in the right registry...

Now I'm no expert in Windows 7 or any other OS after Windows XP... But it would make sense to me for Microsoft to push their 64 bits operative system first and thus make it the default registry.

(Source of my findings)
As a huge fan of the ORIGINAL TTD i have allways tried to keep it with me on new systems, I have found that the runme! registry fix used under XP also works in Windows 7 as long as you are running a 32 bit version. The problem occurs once you try it in a 64 bit version. Then the registry commands does not seem to work.

Inside the file the following commands are executed:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FISH Technology Group\Transport Tycoon Deluxe]

Why they dosn't work on 64 bit, and how to fix it is outside my knowledge. Would be happy if anyone could produce a quickfix.
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