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Good topic.

Let's see... I worked as a computer technician at my uni for about 3 and a half years... great job, great people, lots of fun.

I worked as a hostess for a restaurant for a while - one of the people who dress pretty and "greet" people at the door when they come in - that was a crappy job, with a really sucky, misogynist boss.

I worked as a pizza delivery girl for a while, and it's actually one of the most fun jobs ever. Lots of freedom, you get to listen to your music as you drive around, people are typically nice, and it pays surprisingly well.

I worked as a customer service agent for Sprint long distance - one of the worst possible jobs you can imagine. It pays okay, and I liked my hours (evening shift - no having to get up early), but you get screamed at every day by irate customers. And when I say screamed at, I mean, they call you pretty much the worst possible things you can imagine. (Or theyhit on you, and tell you that you have a sexy voice and ask you to call them later, blech) And you're supposed to try to sell products and services to these people, and get in trouble with your boss if you don't at least try :P

I also worked at a law office as a legal assistant - probably even worse than the Sprint job. My boss was a total jerk, his buddies would constantly ask me to bring them coffee and say lewd things, he would constantly yell at me and the other assistant, and he eventually fired me one day over... well, I don't even really remember, but it involved a lot of screaming.

Now, after that wonderful experience, I'm working part-time temporarily as a clerk at my dad's office (I finally broke down, lost all pride, and begged him after being a jobless bum for a few months) as a way to earn some income while I send out my resume.

I've been trying the tech and design departments of newspapers around here, as I volunteered at my uni newspaper as an editorial columnist and cartoonist, and really enjoyed it, and I got a call from the New York Times about my resume last week

I probably won't get the job, but being called by the New York Times is pretty exciting for me :P
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