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This is a short story I wrote. I personally dislike it. It is extremely short, and basically just sets up a world. Any tips on how I could improve would be appreciated.

Alexander shuffled along the dark alleyway, keeping to the middle of the path lest shadows obscure his form. The guards at the other end of the passage aimed their rifles at him, making sure he made no false moves.
Alexander could only dimly remember what it had been like, just two months earlier. He had been walking through Central Park, enjoying the light breeze and the fresh scent of the trees. He stopped to eat an apple next to one of the larger oaks, and looked up to the sky. After a little while, he saw small shapes in the sky. Curious, Alexander squinted, trying to identify the objects. They looked like very small and far away birds. Then, a shape fell from the sky. The bombing of New York had begun.
After the hell of the first few days, Alexander began to be used to the idea of being under attack. Every day he would see the propaganda posters lining the streets, the loudspeakers blaring messages like “We can hold the Red Tide!” If anything, Alexander felt that he was in a dream world. How could any of this be real? How could someone attack America?
Then, they landed.
Boat after boat of Soviet troops landed in New York harbor, with nothing standing in their way. Absolutely nothing. No troops, no tanks, not even a police force. Unopposed, the Russians immediately set up management offices and detention areas. People were pushed through the quos, documented, and sent on. Anyone with a military record was immediately drafted as a conscript. Luckily, Alexander had managed to hide from that part of the inspection.
Just seeing the Soviet flag draped over every building, in every doorway, and on everyone’s clothes disgusted Alexander. The Russians were even assembling engineers to replace the Statue of Liberty’s book and torch with a hammer and sickle. Finally, Alexander couldn’t take it any more. He gathered up any weapon he could find and went underground, helping the resistance fighters. And now, after all that hard work, he was caught, helpless, and would be executed.
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