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Default Multiplayer co-op submarine simulator

HMS Marulken under developement. Alpha demo out.

A heads up to anyone interested in multiplayer co-op games. This one is, for the moment, a 4 player co-op game where the players control a fictional Swedish submarine during WW2.

Stations for players are (at the moment)
Captain- issues orders and coordinates the operations of all stations, main station is periscope
Radio/hydrophone - for handling incoming and outgoing radio traffic, using an enigma machine for deciphering, intercepting enemy transmissions, radar, hydrophone.
Engineer - all things steering and controlling the boat.
Weapons officer - setting up torpedo solutions and firering at the captains command.

The gameplay is 3D free movement inside the sub, click on dials and levers, and all players can move freely between stations. How the players choose to organise themselves is up to them.

There is a free alpha demo for download at
for Windows (64 and 32), Mac and Linux

It was kickstart funded but has since been funded elsewhere and changes are coming. Right now it seems they are abandoning the fictional history and will settle for historically accurate German type VII uboats.

More info at
Je Suis Charlie

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