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Question [Smiling Spectre] Arena

  • I believe this game had the word 'Arena' in the title.
  • It's a DOS game.
  • Fantasy setting.
  • Unlike Gladiator, this game is turn-based.
  • Year unknown, possibly early 90s.
  • Each player controls a mage, who can cast an array of spells and summon creatures.
  • The title screen had an animated logo, and the main menu's background was just a jumbled mess of characters on a flat plain underneath a starry sky.
  • Your cursor was a wire-drawn star (like a pentagram) that changed colors and left a short trail with every move you make.
  • With the death of each mage, you get a message of the player's passing, followed by a written '*sniffle*'.
  • I don't know if what I played was a demo or a full version, but at the end of each match, there was an image of a skull with red glow in its eye sockets. I don't know if it was to tease about the full version or just to tell the player that they lost.
  • The graphics weren't really that pretty at the time. I think it was limited to a certain amount of colors, too. The game did play at a pretty decent screen resolution, though: 640 or higher.
  • One of the mage's powers is " call something", which summons an indescribable creature at their command.
  • They can also shoot fireballs and arrows.
  • It was hosted on America Online's games service. So yes, in my eyes, it was an indie game.
  • I think the mages can die in-game of old age, too.

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