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Default [Amayirot Akago] Betrayal at Krondor

I presume this game is from the late 90's but I played it in 2000 so all I know is that it didn't come out after that. The resolution might've been as low as 320x200 though. Probably 256 colors.

You explore the 3D world in first-person mode, kind of like Elder Scrolls: Arena but I remember there being sloped hillsides. The world is mostly on paths rather than being open. Sometimes you'll find a hidden treasure chest that makes you solve a riddle in order to open it.

When you enter battle mode, you see your pre-rendered 3D characters in third-person. You fight in the same area you were just in with all the trees/rocks/etc. still there as obstacles, but now there's a white grid for you to fight on. Your party consists of two older warrior-type men and a strapping young lad who's a magic user. Casting magic or attacking or whatever you do consumes stamina first, and then consumes health in the same way once your stamina runs out. The battles are turn-based.

As for the story, I think it was about solving some kind of mystery like in the old Elder Scrolls games. It has a medieval fantasy setting. The game is divided into chapters and I suspect it was based on a book.

Thanks in advance!
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