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Question Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery

This'll be a hard one because I've spent quite awhile looking through Abandonware sites, Mobygames, and Google image search. Plus it's been (my God) 15-25 years since I played it.

I "think" it was from a PC-SIG shareware disk but I've got the disk and never found it again so maybe it was from a BBS or... I just thought of this... Shareware Breakthrough CD--but that's Windows 3.1.

I think it was DOS. I remember a mouse interface. Lots of grey lines, either EGA or high-res (16 color) VGA.

You're a guy, I think a detective, sent to an island to investigate a murder. (Definitely not SciFi or fantasy). You might have woken up with amnesia I'm not sure.

It's a top-down view of a map. And I think you're represented by a tiny dot, with a line coming off of it to show your direction. I believe you can rotate 360 degrees. I think there was a textbox on the right that showed you a log of events. So if you got attacked or you were thirsty, it would tell you there.

You could go to people's houses, and talk to people.

The game was simulation-level RPG-like. You had a list of skills I think, tons of things you could do. You could improvise things and weapons. You had a full body chart to equip items.

Basically, what I remember most, is that top-down view... and getting my butt handed to me every time I tried to play. The second you got injured by facing an animal, you were bleeding out like crazy and as a kid I could never figure out how to mend my wounds.

I would say it was late-80's, early-90s. There were no snazzy animations, or sound effects.
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