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Default [TarikVaine] Magnetic Planet

I am sorry this got so long, I have highlighted the important parts if you only want to have a glance at the content.

I am looking for an old game that I played somewhere in the 90´s. Unfortunately I do not remember whether I played it in English or German... but since back then there were not so many games, I think it would hopefully have been an internationally known game.
Most likely it ran on a computer with Win95, it could have been in DOS however.

The graphic was tolerable (very bad by todays standards) and in 2D, there was no speech at all, only a constantly recurring musical theme. There are people who found the music annoying, because it was only ever that one song (as far as I remember).

The game was a mixture of action and strategy.

Now to the description: There were always three steps of the game repeating themselves.

At the beginning you saw the surface of a planet from above: You could place one or a few robots. Then your PC-rival put some robots in other colours on different parts on the planet.

Now came the second step of the game, you were controlling one robot with the "space" and "left, right, up and down arrow" key. You had to gather light bulbs, wires etc., so they would give you energy. While doing that you had to run away from grey robot dogs and red jumping hydrants who would both when meeting on the same spot as you fight you (automatically done, you could not influence it directly and you could only see grey dust moving around at the place where they met). Also you had the opportunity to find robot kits, when you walked towards those you could build a new robot out of them.

After some time came step 3 (I forgot how long, but always the same lenght of time), you were rewarded for the amount of energy you had gathered.
You could give points for becoming better at eating for example the bulbs, which would make you eat them faster and get more energy out of them. There was a percentage information somewhere about how well you could eat the bulbs etc. Weirdly enough I remember that scale as going over 100% but that does not sound very logically...?

Now you were back to step 1, seeing the planet.
You could place a certain amount of new robots on the surface, depending on how many kits you finished and how much energy you got (if you did not get enough energy for the amount of robots you already had, some robots would die). If someone tried to place their robots on a space on/near? another player´s robot, they would fight and could change colours=the space would belong to a different player depending on who won automaticaly. The fights themselves were not depicted, again only grey dust for a moment then you saw the colour-result.
After every player (you and the pc-players with different colours) had placed their robots, a natural desaster could happen. There was not always one, but there could be earthquakes, asteroids, floods, volcanoes and more. They could kill some of the placed robots. Also the space of the planet could grow larger (water giving way to land) or shorter (when it was flooded or other occurences).

I would be utterly grateful if you could help me find the name of this game!!!
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