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OK it's an arbitrary distinction line, but it can make sense, specially if the game can be in one of the two websites at least, and since minimizing overlapping is good in itself as you say. If some other mod/updater/admin says his opinion we can decide this right away, negatively if necessary.

To me too this guy's zeal against advertising and profit seems excessive, and expecting his restrictions to hold after he puts the game freely online is absurd, but it's his call, and it should be others not Abandonia or AR who trespassed these restrictions. It's not only the ads, both Abandonia an AR were considered "non profit" in Kosta's time, despite having ads for self-sustenance, but both--AR too--are clearly (and now blatantly, but I'm talking about a qualitative not quantitative difference) "for profit" since Studentis took over (even before they put the first advertisement). If I were Frodo I would ask the owner for permission all the same, not that it matters, except for respecting his wishes that he's entitled to, without waiting for him to find out for himself about the distribution.
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