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This topic caught my attention when it was started, but didn't have time to properly respond.

Anyway, I do agree that such people should maintain contact with each other, if nothing else then for pure reminding that there's not so few of us, supposing that I am one of them. Man is social being and sometimes when you're down presence of other people helps, even the virtual presence. And place like this is surely one among other places to find such people.

I surely haven't worked on so many projects, but I had my share of enthusiastic projects, the most important one being a game that should be normally done in few months by experienced team. We were not experienced team, we tried for couple of years although we had no one for graphics and sound. Then it was time for me to quit and I took it real hard. I mean, I don't mind quitting in order for some better team to finally finish everything so that the guy who developed all levels and game rules can finally publish it. And I surely learned a lot in the process. But I mind a lot investing so much into a dream that never came to life. The game got finished in the end, I think it's even being sold on Steam, but that wasn't the game I was making. That wasn't the game we were making either, but after so long this guy wanted it done even though he doesn't like the final product and I totally understand him. And that's another lesson: professionals can't make magic or pure art, they can only be part of the creating process if the people with vision have enough time and resources to finish the thing properly. But I'm sure that on old-games-lovers forum we all know that.

So, what do I do now? Well, I consider myself lucky since I'm a coder and I love my job. It has enough creativity to be interesting and lots of things to learn. Therefore normal job is having a very positive influence on me plus it allows me to at least slightly sort out my life. But since I never really cared about material part of life, it doesn't solve as much as with most of the people around me. But it is surely a solid part of basics for future. Naturally I still have dreams, but I also learned patience. Enthusiasm alone is not enough, so for now I'm trying to keep a hold on my creative side, writing down some ideas, learning new stuff, even songwriting helps. Sooner or later I'll be up working on something purely for my own satisfaction. I even think of continuing where I left with this game I was making although it got published... It would be a great challenge indeed and it would be just one battle in the war that is destined for me - showing that 2D can still beat 3D on many grounds.

Ok I don't want to sound like some hater of new things. I just feel that good 2D game is still a good game and that even the people that are all about graphics will play 2D games if the game is good. There are examples of new 2D games that were successful, I just wish there are more of them. And I feel there are things for me to do before focusing on 3D
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