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History was my passion from my childhood (this is evident in my past & present project), and I too considered archeology, TotalAnarchy. But I did realize that even more "mainstream" generic history studies won't give me a decent job.

3D CGI on the other hand would find its use in TV, advertising, architecture, movies or computer games (today's Internet didn't exist back when I was 15). But I was a bit ahead of my time. I couldn't find proper educational institutions 10-15 years ago in my country. In high school it was "so, you use computer? fine, we'll make you a programmer!". While in film school (you may laugh now) it was "so... what's your favorite movie by Kieślowski? because we can't play back your presentation CD" (yeah, they've preferred the guy who did copy&paste job using 2 VCRs). They were both backwarded in their own way...
From that time I became disenchanted with 3D graphics.

Not sure what to do I did try to get normal boring job (even as low as in a supermarket), while getting extra $ via translating commissions (I've translated several games into Polish). Maybe I could become a boring average person back then, but things changed over the years - for worse.

Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
You made a choice that was logical at the time.
If only people doing job interviews with me had your insight...

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Welcome to the club.
That's why I made this thread. Not to whine about "poor me", but because uncommon people like us should hang together, talk with each other. Maybe one of you join me on one of my projects? Heck, maybe I will join one of yours, guys?

I know that talking so much about myself may sound hectic, chaotic. That's because I want to be brief (in order not to bore you), yet to properly present who I am. That flight sim/history project committed me for 3 years. It wasn't "a flash in the pan". I've brought documentation from abroad to re-create in 3D aircraft that no longer exist today. I've suggested museum in Kraków that an interactive presentation could be made for visitors using my models. I made numerous acquaintanceships. One TV journalist found my project and we sold one model for TVP only thanks to my swift action. But do you know why it hit me so hard? At that point when I decided I had no choice but to dump everything (my partner/boss owed me money for translations for 5 months), I was promised not only an interview in a magazine (history/modeling buffs) but also a meeting with a pre-war aircraft engineer/designer, probably last meaningful living one in my country (I even walked pass that guy during a certain meeting, but they've told me who he is too late to approach him on that day). Today even a million dollar budget won't help, as that was the last chance in my lifetime (such old people don't live forever).

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