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If you ever need some, I can give you help with submitting info to databases, making games etc. etc.; my field of interests is quite wide, I can digest pretty much everything. My contribution rating is also high, I mean I'm designing the Abandoned Times mag issue 02 by myself, even though I'm not a designer by heart, and it's my first time using inDesign. Is there a crazier person THAN ME?


I've tried just like you a lot of things, including my own gaming news site, in Romanian. In the end I wasn't satisfied with its insuccess, so I deleted the hell out of it, after 1 year of existence. Now, I want to try and learn how to draw comics properly and if I believe this "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" book there's much more erasing going on here than actual drawing .

Anyways, I feel that your conceptions are a bit off. I'm probably in the same position as you are - wanting to work all my life on something that I like. But few people actually manage this feat. In truth, even though I know archaeology the best in my own University group, I sometimes get the feeling that I have the least chances to become an archaeologist. So I slowly changed my way of thinking. A normal job is not so bad in my opinion, but as long as I'll have the opportunity I'll keep trying to improve in my beloved fields and try to break out towards success.
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