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Originally Posted by Poker Crow View Post
I was never able to dig into this remake, the original Dune II was so much better to my eyes in every aspect. Even the graphics, though higher res, are very dull on this one. The sand, rocks, buildings, units, EVERYTHING is colored in shades of sandy tones. It's difficut to instantly distinguish different types of units, heck it's even difficult to differentiate units belonging to different Houses. The blue/red/green coloring doesn's stand out that much, unlike the original where everything was colorful and instantly recognizable.
I still prefer Dune II for the same reasons you talked about, but I consider Dune2000 a worthy remake. I have appreciated the different kind of missions, cinematics and the evolution of the strategic gameplay, I found it more balanced, challenging and fast. I'm sure you have noticed the changes they did to Infantry and Siege Tanks for example.

We have to thank C&C engine for this
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