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Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Um, I don't really see the advantage in this. Just post in the Offers thread when you have uploaded something to FTP.
I'd use these all the time when submitting new games and reviews, etc...
(Maybe not for every single thing, but for lists... They're good Headlines, IMO.)
I guess that's my sense of fun, though - I prefer that to the other things here.
I'd much rather use one of these smileys than type [On FTP]. etc...

Is there any point in any of the stuff that's made like this on the internet..? I've got a book with a whole appendix of acceptable smileys used in BBS chat string$.
Even little dragon sigs.

If it was another motif, would it still have been told of irrelevance and its perceived uselessness and valued priority brought under scrutiny? Having curiosity that lies in this area, to know would bring great satisfaction.

Nice one Total - I'll try to use them unless the narcs get on my case about it or they don't work or are deleted for being un-necessary or something.
I think they're pretty cool. You've got my vote - should I ever have to vote or be granted suffrage.

Now, whenever I upload a new game, review or extra - I'm gonna us the smiley rather than the brackets.

Spitwad Willy - Game

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