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Thumbs up Muscle Tension

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there has been a lot of impact on our daily lives in ways that may have affected us psychologically.

This is very natural, and can cause Depression, Discouragement, Tension and other Health Problems in the face of Adverse Economic and Public Health situations due to Coronavirus.

One way I found to try to relax in these situations is a Method that I realized and improved.

I do not know if this Method is used in the area of ​​Psychology and Psychiatry, but... Whatever...

To see if I am Tense, I have listed several Parameters for measuring the Degree of Muscle Tension:


01) The first and main Parameter is our Facial Muscles. You notice if you are tense when your Face is “frown”. And I feel like it takes about a few hours to relax the Facial Muscles;
02) Our Shoulders. I try to relax and feel the Pressure on my Head practically “disappear”. It is surprising!
03) The Back of our Hands. You feel the difference in Muscle Relaxation. The sensation feels like (lesser Degree of) “Salonpas” on skin;
04) Our Backbone. You feel the difference in Muscle Relaxation;
05) Our Legs, especially in the Region behind the Knees. The sensation feels like (lesser Degree of) “Salonpas” on skin;;
06) Our Ankles. The sensation feels like (lesser Degree of) “Salonpas” on skin;
07) The Back of our Feet and Toes. When you are standing, you can see if you are Tense when you exert Strength in Walking and Stepping. The sensation feels like (lesser Degree of) “Salonpas” on skin.

Another thing that can complement Muscle Relaxation would be to maintain Positive Thoughts and support each other.
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