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Red face Losing Fitness!

Ugh! I needed to get my Aerobic Exercise Equipments since there is no Pre-emptive and Periodic Maintenance of them in my Condominium. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit that prevails in order to cut “unnecessary” Expenses. However, this is foolishness and recklessness, for cheap becomes always expensive! Ugh... You get what you pay for!

I interrupted my Physical Exercise routine for a few weeks to await the arrival of such Aerobic Exercise Equipments (manufactured by Speedo, a brand of quality by the way! ).) and I was able to obtain some pertinent informations:


• It is easier for you to lose your Fitness than to keep it!
• It takes a few weeks for you to get reacquainted with the Physical Exercise (regain your previous Fitness)! I needed to be patient and gradually and fortunately, I was able to recover my Fitness and also my Weight (BMI of 20). *phew* *whew*
• I avoided using the Elliptical Trainer (causing headache and vertigo), but I came to appreciate it. I use alternately the Elliptical Trainer with the Exercise Treadmill. And I stopped using the Stationary Bicycle since using the Elliptical Trainer burns calories almost as much as using the Exercise Treadmill. OTOH, using the Stationary Bicycle burns only 60% of Exercise Treadmill.
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