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Originally Posted by MyVitalRemains View Post
P.S. Did you finish Morrowind because of my review or is it just a coincidence that you wanted to play it?
I'm on vacation this week and I felt like playing, I couldn't tell if anything I read here influenced me or how much. I had the saved game lying around. The same happened with Daggerfall, I didn't finish them in one or two goes; I'm not a kid any longer. I might even consider giving Arena another try, I feel guilty about not finishing it, but it gets repetitive and I've never saved an old game and then re-taken it.

In Morrowind I left the difficulty at the default level, actually I didn't realize for a very long time that there was a slider in the options, I expect that when starting a new game.

On second thought the best part of Morrowind within the series for me is the story. Arena had none worth noting; Daggerfall was awesome starting to write the history about the Dwemer and Numidium; but there's nothing like the war of the Chimer and the Dwemer, Nerevar, the Tribunal and Dagoth Ur, as told in Morrowind.

I acknowledge the downsides of random generation, but I hate to realize that a game world doesn't make sense when you stop for a while and look at it, that it's just a board for you to do what you're supposed to do and nothing else. Here, size (of cities etc) matters. I know I should be used to reduced worlds, as all RPGs have them. But Arena and Daggerfall proposed something different.
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