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Surprise, surprise another trendy list, some good choices and some others that are just strange and confusing. I'm sorry Bioshock again on another of these lists, do these game sites forget about Deus Ex or the System Shock Series all of a sudden, those games have 10X the story that Bioshock has.

FFVI story was actually pretty epic at the time it came out in 1993, you have to keep in mind at that time, that RPG's were starting to really get over stateside on the consoles, especially on the snes which started to get an abundance of them, but FF VI stood out as a different sort of RPG, for lots of reasons, 16 playable characters that had pretty good fleshed out stories, a different sort of story where you get a different sort of plot change that was actually very different from many RPG's of the time, it was unheard of actually because most were simply hero saves the world blah blah.

There was plenty of sights and much to do in FFVI and even though the second half of the game was not as strong as the first, it was fleshed out enough to easily make it one of the best RPG's of 1993 and still one of the most regarded FF in the series by fans.
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