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Default [syncrocat] Dungeon Lords

I've been trying to remember this game for a week now and I've finally caved and made an account here just to ask:

It's a PC game - I played it off disk so it's before the online purchase era - somewhere between 2000 and 2010. Either First or Third Person Shooter style, basically a B-rated Skyrim. Stat point distribution, (races and classes maybe? I don't remember much about character creation).

Basically you walk around an open world and fight stuff. Only two levels (dungeons?) I remember are a sewer near the start of the game and a town with vampires in it a bit later. There were cheats available - I remember having hundreds of spell scrolls that nuked everything around me, and possibly leveling up a ton. Definitely also had a shop system - I remember buying things in the Vampire town.

I can't shake the feeling that "Dungeon" was part of or entirely the name, but I can't come across anything using that so it could be my imagination.

[EDIT] There was also a level in an old manor where on the top floor there were monsters that pretended to be treasure chests until you got closer. I remember defeating them with a lot of spells.

[EDIT #2] Found it! Thanks to this site I discovered Moby and found it in like 5 minutes. Dungeon Lords!

Pleasepleaseplease help me find it

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