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Hi everyone, sorry to have not posted any updates for a while... As you can likely tell, the magazine has run over a little longer than I would have liked, I've been SUPER busy at work recently and simply haven't found the time to commit to producing AT4, plus I've been suffering from some extreme writers block whenever I've sat down to type anything! To keep you informed, most of the planned articles are finished, I've cut one that I haven't written anything for yet but that'll probably make an appearance further down the line... As we approach the christmas season, and with the completion in any way, shape or form of the magazine several weeks away, there'll be a christmas themed article in there as well for good measure, and hopefully this will be a christmas present for everyone at Abandonia! <3 I do have a question however: Does anyone have a picture of the Abandoned Times logo with no background? I'm trying to re-do the front cover but I only have beige to work with on the title :/ Thanks!

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