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Originally Posted by Vanshilar View Post
Looking at the list, I see that Space Rogue isn't assigned. I wrote the review for it on Abandonia, as well as a walkthrough for it on Abandonia and GameFAQs, and have dug into the game files a bit. I should be able to write something about it.
Then first I have a question for you: is Space Rogue really an RPG?

We added it to the book ages ago, but looking at it now there's no character creation, no stats, no level up, no party, no skills...

Is the book intended to be a comprehensive compendium of cRPG games? There are plenty of games that don't seem to be included in the list, like Curse of the Azure Bonds. I don't know if you had particular criteria in mind in determining the list of games to be reviewed.
Some games are bundled together - Curse of Azure Bonds is mentioned in the Pool of Radiance review for example, since they are part of the same saga.1
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