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Originally Posted by yoga View Post
How to beat it!
Not spoiling, just to help novices.

Ogre is very strong one.
I am 11 level.
My strength is 45, Hit points 216.
Ogre hit points are about 2000 !!
The question is: To be or not to be?!

How to beat ogre?
The direct duel is out of question.
2 ogre hits and brave is dead.
The Ogre dead gives me 300 XP.

I thought, I thought and I thought.
Tried, tried, tried.
Hours after hours, days after days..
And suddenly bright idea flashes !
Listen carefully and make notes.
1. Never-mind what is yr level.
2. You have to have bow or crossbow with minimum 150 arrows or bolts,
1 arrow / bolt costs 1 gold only. Dough or Oscar can sell these ones.
Repeat 150 arrows or bolts.
I prefer crossbow.
Well, now carefully come close to Ogre and tease it with one arrow in its body.
It started to chase you. OK.
Remember that in Ogre passage is located one deviation to chasm.
You will easy recognize the deviation with small green tree.
Escaping from angry ogre you must reach the tree and KEEP right side and jump.
Again- keep running near to right side before jump.
Relax! You can not sacrifice yourself because there is small ledge and you will be save.
Turn around and start killing ogre with bow. Peace of cake.
That sounds a lot like Gothic 3 engine loopholes, then again from the screenshot you posted last, Risen 1 sword on your character totally looks the same as the default sword in Gothic III, so I guess it makes sense.
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