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Talking Is yoga crazy or not?

Many years ago my friend Nick from Calif told me:
-Yoga (well, he told no yoga ha ha ha) I never use antivirus programs.
  • Nick, you are crazy and soon your PC will go to hell.
  • No, more than year I have no virus. Just I visit not dangerous sites as porn etc.
OK. Keeping in memory these words I decided to follow Nick.
Well, from February 1-st 2012 I deactivated and removed my antivirus program Avast from all my PC.
Now, 6 mounts later I have no problems with viruses.
  • Wait, wait yoga which sites do you visit during these months?
  • Hmmm.. I visited every day AB, then BG info site Dnevnik (Diary), You tube and UESP/wiki.I hate social networks.

So question is not: To be or Not to be?
Is yoga crazy or not?

I think yoga is crazy..
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