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Originally Posted by Zedrick View Post
I bought this game when it came out, and had big expectations - seemed like a great political simulation.

However, it sucks. It really, really sucks and I can't understand how it could have been released in this shape. It has really bad graphics (and my main gaming computer is a C64, so trust me - it needs to be BAD for me to complain about that), the game is filled with bugs and it's... well. Pointless.

I remember modifying the savegames and giving myself unlimited rubles + other things, and the outcome was still ALWAYS the same - collapse of the SSSR. There is simply no way to win this game. Sure, one might argue that the SSSR would have collapsed sooner or later, but this is a game, and if my nation is strong, rich, free and populated by happy people - why would it collapse?

Stay away from this worthless XXXXX XX XXXX even if you can download it for free. Alternatively, buy the original off ebay and put it in a safe, it might very well be the worst computer game ever made, and could become valuable for that reason in the future.
Well I was able to win the game just put the money in the right place.
How did you modify the savegame?
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