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Originally Posted by Al-Ibrahim View Post
There's a 1.01 patch for it located here:

As a note, the .DAT files (if you open them with Notepad) have quite a few things that aren't in the game, like decisions over the Ukraine, situations between Romania and Moldavia, various foreign relations issues, etc. It seems the game was rushed, which sucks because the game would have been that much more fun if it hadn't been.
Hmm I will have to check that out. I enjoyed the game but it honestly felt like things just were inevitable no matter how well you were running the USSR. I managed to keep the USSR up and running till the end of the game in 2000 even though you can play further it just doesnt' count it towards your score. Unfortunately there was no more Warsaw Pact and the Baltic States left. I have tried every possible solution but it seems 95% of these events do what happened historically and having decisions is really just a waste of time and more for appeasing members of various factions in the USSR.
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