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Default Great game ruined by the Budget

I really enjoy casual strategy games, and especially political strategy games. But they are few and far between.

A good strategy game should be, in my humble opinion, a "big picture" kind of game. But almost every strategy game out there today is based on a grinding micromanagement.

So I kind of hoped Crisis in the Kremlin would be different. And it almost was! It was the Budget action that turned me away from this game. Instead of just asking the player for a few general budget decisions, the player is forced to make decisions like: Do I spend 167 rubles for defense, or 168 rubles? Then do I spend 234 rubles for Transportation, or 235 rubles? Or maybe just 233? And on and on it goes. Why so unnecessarily complicated?

Now understand, I'm not complaining! After all, Abandonia kindly provided me this game for free. I guess I'd just like to point out this general micromanagement problem, and then maybe ask the board for suggestions of good strategy games without micromanagement.
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