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Originally Posted by Krizalid View Post
I checked the disc and I have to rectify, it's not dvd, it's cd!
So it's more like 700-800mbytes, nothing too hard to upload for me to some webspace. In this moment it would be the easier task for me to make an iso image of the $hit and put it on some site like multiupload or similar.
After talking with some of my fellow Abandonia staff members, we've decided that we'd be alright with you uploading all the archives or, as you mentioned, an ISO containing all the archives to the Abandonia FTP server. If you're interested, post in this thread and an Abandonia staff member will PM you the info you need to upload to the Abandonia FTP server. I can't guarantee we'll accept everything once we've sorted through all of it (what with the Abandonia Rules of Abandonware), but we'll see nonetheless .
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