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So it is now done!
  • CD Image (complete with music tracks) - Check, two hints: Image is packed in 7z because it has best performance. Other hint because ISO supports only one track, so it is a mds-Image (like ISO but with support of more tracks). CD Burner can do it, other should burn it too.
  • Boxshots - Sorry I don't have it
  • CD-Cover - Check, it is in PDF
  • CD-Inlay - Check, it is in PDF
  • Review - I'm not good in reviewing, but I can say, it is a pure strategy-game with base building and exploring elements.
  • I put SHA1 + MD5 Checksums in your folder to check that the file is correct. Please take care of this image because I think this is the only one full image on the world!
  • Manual - Sorry I don't have any manual.
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