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I posted this in the wrong thread, so here's a repost:

I'm running the game in DOSbox, and when I go to select "New Game" I get an error saying I have 0K available in memory, and that I need more to play. Then it shuts down. How do I fix this? I've tried to change the game .exe properties, the install.exe properties, properties while running the install program, and I've tried to find a configure file. Maybe I'm just blind, but is this DOSbox or is this the game? And what do I do?
A screenshot:

[quote1) You are in the wrong thread. This is the thread of the original CGA version. You try to play Mixed Up Mother Goose VGA (thread).

2) You shouldn't write memory if it's disk space since people assume that RAM is meant. Actually, you should post the exact error message.

3) Run the game with the MG.BAT, not with the SCIDHUV.EXE.

4) Please post the solution in your enquiry thread on the forums of, in order that others who search for a solution are easily able to find it before becoming desperate due to finding their question without answers.

5) Addressing 2) and 4), here is the exact error message: You only have 0K of disk space, which is not enough space to save a new game. You will have to make more space to play a new game. (Make space? And I thought my English is bad. But probably my English is so bad that I only think it is bad English - make space, not my English.)

6) Have fun playing! [/quote
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