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Originally Posted by Finn MacCool View Post
...the current screenshot can be found under
both "xxx" and "xxx".
I know which games you mean and: no, the zcreenies ain't the same.
There is one detail in today's quiz sceenie that can tell you which game is the correct one.
And yes, if you input the correct game name, you get your PoE (as yours truly did, of course)

Tomorrow I'll post a pic with the difference and how to determine about what game the quiz was about.

Originally Posted by DarthHelmet86 View Post
Yep seems to be another Quiz error, it happens sometimes when the site decides to play funny games with us. There are good reasons for why it does them but I can't remember what they are, something to do with two versions of the node and the Quiz looking for the old one, but the drop down giving the new one.

I searched the game, found the screenshot, got the name from the drop down and was Incorrect. Just so people know.

Oh and does someone want to edit that name out so that if this does get fixed it's not sitting there.
... Nope Darth, it's not a quiz error, and you got the wrong screenshot.
No need to edit the game name or anything, you screwed up, not the quiz.

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