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Originally Posted by _r.u.s.s. View Post
there you go

would you like to review it?
Thanks for the link... But that's the wrong version. Mother goose has the most version of any of the Sierra games. Here's some info about the different versions from a Sierra fan page:

1st version ("original"): Nov 10th 1987 - Floppy, AGI, EGA, DOS (480 kb)
2nd version ("enhanced"): Jul 31th 1990 - Floppy, SCI0, EGA, DOS (1,066 kb)
3rd version ("multimedia"):
  • Mar 8th 1991 - CD, SCI1, VGA, DOS & Win3.11 (247,564 kb) [multilingual]
  • Feb 7th 1992 - Floppy, SCI1, VGA, DOS (5,796 kb)
4th version ("deluxe"): May 1st 1995 - CD, SCI32, VGA, Win96 (126,677 kb)

I'm looking for the 2nd version ("enhanced"): Jul 31th 1990 - Floppy, SCI0, EGA, DOS (1,066 kb). I have version 1, 3, and 4 in my collection of Sierra games but not version 2. (I know, I'm a geek. )

The link that you was for the 3rd version.

I'll be happy to write a review of the version that you sent me though. What are the guide lines for writing a review on Abandonia?
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